Patient Before Tooth Extraction Treatment

4 Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Jun 26, 2018

Although most dentists will initially advise against a tooth extractions, that are cases or circumstances in which a tooth extraction is the best option for you or a family member of yours. In the following article, we’ll take a look at the benefits associated with taking one of your teeth out.

Room for Other Teeth

There are some patients that naturally have smaller mouths and bigger teeth or there are to many of them. In some cases it works to take a single tooth out and that way there can be enough room for the rest of the teeth without impaction. Unnatural eruptions such as unusually high canines are also reasons your dentist may advise a tooth extraction.

Decay Prevention and Treatment

Extracting one or more teeth can cause crowding which in turn can make your teeth prone to cavities. The bacteria can travel deeper into the tooth if not treated in a timely manner and can cause the need for a root canal. If a root canal is unsuccessful, extraction may be you final option.

Prevent Infection and Inflammation

Sometimes an infected tooth may be to far gone to salvage. In this case, to keep your tooth from spreading further infection that can ultimately lead to more serious and life threatening illnesses, it is sometimes better to remove the tooth all together.

Impaction on Tooth Extractions

Over crowded teeth can keep permanent teeth from erupting These teeth can stay lodged in the jawbone and develop cysts that invade space needed by bone and soft tissue in the face. The most common form of this kind of extraction is the removal of wisdom teeth.

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