A good first impression can make a big impact on your life. Being pleased with your own appearance can help you portray confidence, which also changes how people perceive you. If your crooked teeth are keeping you from living your best life, our team at Aqua Dental is here to help.

Braces as low as $125 per month!

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Clear Correct AND Six Months Smile Summer Special $199/monthly*

Aqua Dental Invisible Braces

Straight Teeth in Months

Orthodontic technology has improved drastically in recent years. Patients today have a variety of speedy options to help them correct their smiles in months instead of years. Our traditional braces—those featuring brackets and wires—can handle a number of cases in just a matter of months. We utilize technology from Fastbraces® and Six Month Braces® to get you or your teen through treatment as quickly and effectively as possible.

Discreetly Straighten Your Teeth in No Time


Many today are not willing to alter their appearance with bracket and wire braces. We offer a variety of invisible braces available today that can get you the results you want, including Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™. Invisalign® is a versatile product that adjusts your bite with a series of transparent aligners. These clear, comfortable aligners shift your teeth little by little until you have a beautifully straight smile!

Ask an Expert

With all these options, it is important to speak with our doctors about your goals and expectations. Their expertise will guide you to the product that will get you the results you want in the time frame that works for you. We are pleased to be transforming the smiles in our community and helping our patients get the smiles they deserve. Contact our office today to learn more about invisible braces, including Invisalign®, and to receive your appointment.


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