It is important to restore damaged or missing teeth as soon as possible to maintain optimal oral health. At Aqua Dental, we offer a variety of ways to restore your teeth including dental crowns or dental bridges.


The Importance of Restoring Your Teeth

Keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible is very important to not only your oral health but for your overall health as well. When teeth are lost the function of your bite will start to decrease affecting your speaking, chewing and digestion; not to mention your self-esteem and quality of life.You might need a dental crown or a dental bridge if:

  • Teeth have become weakened from decay
  • You need to prevent cracking or breaking of teeth
  • You have severely worn or broken teeth
  • You have a root canal
  • A missing tooth needs replacement
  • Your teeth are misshapen or discolored

Two Easy Ways to a Flawless Smile

If a tooth has too much decay and requires too large of a filling to maintain its strength then a dental crown would be recommended to restore the tooth. A dental crown can be made of several materials including gold, porcelain and metal. The ‘cap’ covers the entire crown of your existing tooth adding strength and stability to your bite. Dental bridges are designed to ‘bridge the gap’ between teeth surrounding a gap in your smile. Our beautiful crowns and bridges are made to fit perfectly into your existing bite so you will be able to eat, drink and speak without even noticing there has been a change.


To learn more about your treatment options for a dental crown or dental bridge call our office today! Contact our staff and we'll be sure to follow up with you within 24 hours.

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