Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Caring for Yourself after Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Feb 14, 2019

One of the most important parts of your wisdom tooth removal is taking care of your teeth post surgery. The post-operative instructions help in preventing the excess time off work or school and help in quick healing. You may feel that the tips given by oral surgeon may not be significant but they can drastically improve your recovery.

What to expect in first two weeks after removing Wisdom teeth in Pealand?

Once the effect of anesthesia has worn off after the surgery, you will begin to feel some soreness along with some short-term swelling or bruising. When you are numb, you must avoid biting as you can hurt your lips or cheeks. The stitches taken after removal of Wisdom teeth in Pearland, TX, will dissolve and fall out on their own. The swelling and bruising can last for up to two weeks in some cases. A moist hot compress works best for getting rid of the swelling as compared to the cold compress.

What about bleeding?

It is very normal to bleed after removal of Wisdom teeth in 77584. You need to apply pressure by biting on the sterile gauze for 1.5 hours. You also need to change the gauze every 45 minutes till the time clot has been formed. The gauze can be soaked in ice in case of heavy bleeding. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, it needs medical attention.

Managing the pain and discomfort

To fight the symptoms of nausea, it is best to have some food in your stomach. You must take your medications as prescribed whether it is given by the doctor or over-the-counter.

You may also experience some stiffness in your jaw for the first few days but it improves on its own with passage of time.

Diet and Exercise

You can begin by consuming only water and fruit juices for the first few days followed by having ice cream, gelatin, or pudding. After 2-3 days you can have a regular meal. However, you must avoid eating food that is hard in texture as it can damage the site of surgery.


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