Dental Care For Kids

Dental Care for Kids

Jun 29, 2017

At Aqua Dental we believe prevention is the best dental treatment available, for this reason we offer affordable pediatric dentistry services in Pearland, TX. We are dedicated to educating our young patients on all things dental care, to ensure they learn health dental care habits from a young age.

Aqua Dental encourages parents to schedule their child’s first dental appointment when their first tooth emerges. If your child complains of a toothache or you notice signs of inflammation or infection, we urge you to schedule an appointment immediately.

Some of the pediatric dentistry services we offer at our Pearland dental office include:

Dental Examinations/Cleanings

At your child’s pediatric appointment one of our dentists will examine their teeth, gums and overall oral health. We can catch any signs of decay or infection before it becomes a problem along with providing a thorough dental cleaning.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can help protect your children’s new teeth by sealing off pits and cracks in teeth that typically harbor bacteria and promote bacteria growth and dental decay.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are a dental treatment that helps prevent tooth decay, by strengthening tooth enamel. Sometimes fluoride treatment can even help treat and reverse decay and damage.

New Patient Education

We believe that all of our patients should be educated on their dental health, shown the proper way to care for their teeth and enjoy their dental visits. Starting your child young can help reduce the likelihood of dental anxiety and teach them the foundation of caring for their oral health.

If your child just got their first tooth, or you haven’t yet gotten them to the dentist for their first appointment. Contact Aqua Dental today, we’d be happy to schedule a pediatric dental appointment for your child(ren). We look forward to brightening your family’s smiles!


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