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Our Pediatric Dentistry Office Helps Kids to Brush Correctly

Sep 26, 2018

At our dental office, we not only take the dental health of our older patients seriously, but also that of our younger patients. We understand our responsibility and being a resource for information and encouragement about oral health. We strive always to be a great source of education for all of our patients, and with that being said in the following article we will discuss a few tips to help kids brush correctly at home.

Kids for a long time we’ll need help brushing and flossing their teeth. Most parents make the assumption that since their child has finally reached school age, parental supervision is no longer needed, but we are here to say that that is not a safe assumption to make. It’s a good idea as a parent to continually observe how your children take care of their teeth and make suggestions when necessary.

Continue to Brush Using the 2-2 Rule

No matter how old you are, continue brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes at a time. This rule is one of the easiest across-the-board, and it’s a great way to remember how frequently to brush. As long as each child is brushing for approximately 2 minutes, they should get a fairly good clean, even if their technique is not perfect.

Brush Plaque Away From the Gums

We at Aqua Dental recommend brushing your teeth in a circular motion, always starting at the gum line. This technique pushes plaque away from the gum line instead of towards it and is critical for long-term healthy gums.

Start With the Right Tools

Always be sure to have the right tools when cleaning your child’s teeth. This includes a toothbrush that is no older than 6 months, fluoride toothpaste, and floss. For example, if the toothbrushes too old it can be full of germs and make it more likely that their teeth will suffer from decay.

Bring Them to Our Pediatric Dentistry Office

If you still have questions about how to brush your child’s teeth, we at Aqua Dental in Pearland, TX, are a great resource for all of your questions. Feel free to contact us today!


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