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Quick Fixes for Awkward Dental Moments

Jan 10, 2018

We’ve all been there – we’re in an important meeting and have something stuck in our teeth that we have no knowledge of. Or we’re on a date and get hit with bad breath. These awkward dental moments happen to everyone eventually, but if they should happen to you, you’ll know what to do in the future.

Something Stuck in Teeth

Oftentimes, it’s hard to even know that there’s anything stuck in your teeth. If you don’t have immediate access to a mirror, the back of a spoon or your phone camera will do the trick. Once you’ve located the debris, how do you shift it discreetly? Drink or swish some water around in your mouth or chew some sugarless gum to loosen it. If it’s really stuck though, you may have to excuse yourself to visit the restroom. Floss works best, but if that’s unavailable, try folding up a piece of paper and using the corner. Don’t use any potentially dangerous tools in your mouth, such as wires, pens, tweezers, etc.—these can damage the teeth and gums.

Bad Breath

The easiest—and most obvious—fix for this issue is to chew some flavored sugarless gum or drink some water. It’s handy to keep sugarless breath mints with you when you’re on the go. Most bad breath germs live on the tongue, so to take care of them, you can (discreetly) use a spoon as a tongue scraper. If you’re at a restaurant or dinner party, you can try chewing on a garnish such as parsley. Other good foods to nibble on are celery and apples, as well as yogurt.

Tooth Pain or Sensitivity

These sudden pangs can be not just uncomfortable, but distracting too. When they occur, avoid hot and cold foods. If your jaw hurts, hold a cold drink against it. If the problem continues, see your dentist as soon as possible as it could be a sign of something more serious.

Always remember that most dental issues can be prevented with regular visits to your dentist!


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