Happy Root Canal Patient

Root Canals: What You Should Know

Nov 07, 2018

If you’re going in for a root canal in Pearland, TX, you might be terrified. You’ve probably heard about someone experiencing one or perhaps you’ve just made your own assumptions about what they entail. You might be afraid of the pain, have a ton of questions, and you might be ready to run in the opposite directions. Below is some information to put your mind at ease and prepare for your very first endodontic therapy.

What is the Dentist Doing?

During a root canal, your dentist will be working hard to remove all infected pulp within your troubled tooth. They do this buy drilling into the tooth. They will then clean it out as well as shape the inside of your tooth before sealing it so you avoid future problems.

Sometimes you might just need the filling. Sometimes though, that’s not all you need. Your dentist may suggest a follow up visit where they will then put a crown on your tooth. This will help protect the tooth, so you can once again chew on it without pain.

It Takes Time, but You’ll Be Numb

Sitting through a root canal can take hours and be come uncomfortable as you have to hold your mouth open during the procedure. Some dentist will allow you to listen to music or a podcast to help pass the time more quickly. To keep you numb, the dentist will use a local anesthesia. You won’t feel a thing. That’s a huge relief!

X-rays will most likely be taken so your dentist will have a guide to use while working on your damaged tooth. Using a drill alongside other dental tools, your dentist will take the pulp from your tooth. Then they will use the appropriate filler to fill in the tooth’s interior. If you need a crown, be ready for your dentist to make an impression of your tooth once all the decay is gone. A technician will use that mold to make the crown for your tooth. You may receive a temporary crown while waiting.

Get it Over With

If your dentist has recommended a root canal, get it as soon as possible before the damage can worsen or cause complications. It isn’t fun, but it is necessary, and soon you’ll return to chewing normally and living a life that’s not interrupted by tooth pain.


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