Teeth Scaling What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know

Jun 16, 2019

What are teeth scaling?

There can cause particular problems that require a more in-depth cleaning for which the teeth scaling is used which is also known as ‘deep cleaning.’ The procedure is conducted along with the root planing and treats chronic periodontal diseases. This procedure requires more than one sitting depending on the severity of the gum.

When do you need teeth scaling?

Teeth scaling is required when there are signs of chronic periodontal disease which occurs when the bacteria in plaque cause your gums to pull away from your teeth. This cannot be adequately cleaned by brushing at home as there are large pockets between your teeth and gum.

Regular flossing can be one of the options for this and other reason for which you might need teeth scaling would be:

  • poor dental hygiene and poor nutrition
  • smoking
  • aging
  • changes in hormones
  • family history and other medical condition

What happens during teeth scaling?

There might be a need for a local anesthetic to lessen the discomfort during the procedure which would take more than one appointment. First, the dentist would start with the tooth scaling where the plaque would be scraped from your teeth and between your teeth and gums.

Later there would be root planing to smoothen the tooth roots which would help your gums to reattach to your teeth. The dentist would prescribe oral antibiotics or the use of antimicrobial agents in your mouth depending on your condition.

What are the benefits of teeth scaling?

This would help in reducing the risk of experiencing any kind of chronic periodontal disease in your tooth, gum, and tissue. This would also affect the loss of tissue and teeth positively.

What are the risks?

There are very minimal risks associated with tooth scaling and root planing. There might be a risk of an infection following the procedure for which the dentist would prescribe antibiotics or mouthwash.

The other side effects such as pain and sensitivity, tenderness in your gum would be there only for a few weeks.

What to expect after teeth scaling

You just need to take a follow-up appointment to make sure the procedure was a success and if not the dentist might recommend another system. This will only happen if the pockets have not shrunk properly. Apart from that all you need to do is maintain good oral hygiene.

The takeaway

These are the standard procedures which can be completed in two appointments at the dentist’s office itself. Teeth were scaling, and root planing is required to treat chronic periodontal disease.


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