Wisdom Tooth Removal Patient

Tooth Extraction Jaw Pain-Common with Wisdom Tooth

Feb 26, 2019

People often face the problem of hurting because of wisdom tooth, between the age of 17 to 21. This causes problems like pain in jaw. Sometimes people face this problem and sometimes they do not. It is completely dependent on the factor that whether or not your wisdom tooth is being blocked by another tooth while coming out from gums. If yes, then it might hurt a lot. When you feel jaw pain due to wisdom tooth then it is advisable to contact the Dentist in Pearland, TX.

The question might arise as to what is a Wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are those teeth which try to come out of the gums at a later stage in life. This takes place when there is space for another tooth on your jaw. There are chances that it comes out bent or grow in a different direction. Many dental hospitals like Aqua Dental suggest the patient to get it treated as early as possible, to avoid the pain or treatment it would accompany later. This can cause the following problems also

  • Wisdom tooth can cause an infection too, which is called pericoronitis. This infection can spread in your throat or neck, and lead to surgery. You might even have to stay at hospital for a long period of time for the same. So contact Wisdom teeth extraction in Pearland, as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes this also causes movement in the teeth’s position, which leads to change of the alignment
  • Wisdom teeth also create the problem of swelling of the gums, and difficulty in moving your jaw
  • Wisdom teeth can be infected from cavities and might also lead to decay and gum diseases
  • You would not be able to enjoy your food because of the pain during chewing and biting
  • Your breath might also be affected, along with constant bad taste in your mouth

To solve this problem, dentists suggest to extract the teeth from the mouth. You will find many wisdom teeth removal places near you but you need to search for a proper dental service. You can contact Aqua Dental, as they are renowned for providing their best. After the surgery you may face swelling, but it is advisable to listen to your dentist for faster recovery and not try anything without consultation. The problems with wisdom teeth are many but not everyone becomes a victim of these problems. Consult a dentist before it gets too late.


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