Wisdom Teeth A Sign Of Wisdom Or Problems In Your Mouth

Wisdom Teeth: a Sign of Wisdom or Problems in Your Mouth?

Sep 01, 2020

As you reach the age of 17 to 25, it is assumed that you have gained sufficient wisdom, and the assumption is exemplified by the eruption of wisdom teeth in your mouth. The eruption is a significant milestone that occurs when the third molars erupt. They are known as wisdom teeth because they erupt when it is assumed you are wise.

When wisdom teeth emerge correctly and healthily, they can help you to chew properly. You will undoubtedly experience some discomfort when the wisdom teeth make an appearance. However, if you experience severe pain, it is recommended that you see the dentist, Pearland, Texas, without delay.

Why Do You Experience Pain with the Emergence of Wisdom Teeth?

If you do not have sufficient space in your jaw, for wisdom teeth to emerge, the lack of space can lead to problems. Wisdom teeth may develop in the wrong position. If the dentist confirms your wisdom teeth are impacted, he or she is stating they are trapped in your jaw or below the gum line.

As your wisdom teeth attempt to push themselves through your gums, the dentist in Pearland, TX, will continue to monitor your mouth for indications of any of the following:

  • Wisdom teeth that are not in the right position allow food to become trapped between them. The trapped food encourages bacteria to develop.
  • Improperly emerged wisdom teeth make it difficult for you to floss between them along with the neighboring molars.
  • Partially erupted wisdom teeth allow bacteria a point of entry into the gums for creating a space for infections to occur. This condition can lead to pain, stiffness, and swelling in the jaw.
  • Wisdom teeth without sufficient space to emerge can crowd and damage the neighboring teeth.
  • An impacted wisdom tooth can form a cyst on or near it. The cyst can damage the roots of the neighboring teeth or destroy the bone supporting your teeth.

Why Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

Every patient is different, but wisdom teeth are generally better extracted when evidence is available of changes in the mouth, such as pain, infection, cysts, tumors, damage to adjacent teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay. Wisdom teeth are challenging to restore, and dentists do not recommend any treatments to restore them.

Wisdom teeth may also have to be extracted if you undergo orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth or to accommodate other dental care.

Before deciding to make a recommendation, the dentist near you will examine your mouth and take x-rays. He or she will discuss the best course of treatment with you to retain or extract the wisdom teeth.

Can You Retain Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth that are not extracted should continue to be monitored by the dental professional you are visiting because of the potential for developing problems later exists. As you age, you are at a higher risk of health issues, including the potential effects the wisdom teeth have. You must undoubtedly floss around the wisdom teeth without exceptions and visit your dentist regularly for checkups.

Keeping your wisdom teeth means you are spending more time at the dentist’s office to have the monitored and perhaps compromising your overall health as you age. The wisdom teeth may not seem as wise as you believe because they continue to remain an issue in your mouth even when they are not causing any problems.

Debates are ongoing among dental professionals about the recommendations to have wisdom teeth extracted or not. Some are in favor of the extraction regardless of whether the teeth have appropriately emerged or not. Others believe properly erupted wisdom teeth can remain in place if they are not causing any significant problems. Therefore it is for you to decide whether you want to keep the problematic wisdom teeth in your mouth or let the dentist Pearland, TX, extract them by making a wise decision.

Wisdom teeth removal procedure may scare you into believing you are inviting a substantial problem in your mouth. However, it would be helpful if you understood you are requesting a challenge to eliminate perhaps an issue that already exists in your mouth. Any decision you take must be a wise one because, after all, you are dealing with your wisdom teeth that supposedly made you a knowledgeable person when they erupted.


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